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About us

The Solihull Approach is about emotional health and wellbeing for all children, their parents, carers and grandparents. We are passionate about sensitive relationships, early years support and understanding brain development to help nurture kind, emotionally aware children as they grow. 

We know relationships shape who we are; they shape how our brains develop from as early as pregnancy and throughout our lives. That’s why we have developed courses, training and resources for all parents to help understand brain development and emotional health and wellbeing throughout your parenting journey. 

We are proud to offer inourplace as your portal for online courses tailored to children’s developmental stages for you to learn in your own time in a safe, private space.

The Solihull Approach is a not-for-profit NHS service for practitioners and parents to support emotional health and wellbeing in children, families, adults and older adults. The sound and well-researched ideas developed by a team of clinical psychologists that underpin the Approach are embedded in every aspect of our training.

Using inourplace and accessing downloads is completely free. However, we do charge for our courses since we receive no funding and need to cover our costs. We never display any advertisements on our site, and we do not share your data. You will not receive any marketing materials from us. If you need to take a break from the course, your account will save your progress and resume where you left off. We may occasionally send you emails with updates, but these will be infrequent.