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Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby


inourplace is home to high-quality, evidence-based online antenatal courses available to everyone in the UK, entirely free of charge. Learning with us will help you feel confident and prepared at the start of your parenting journey.

Designed by clinical psychologists, midwives, health professionals and other parents, the comprehensive online antenatal course modules cover everything from preparing for birth to building a relationship with your baby that sets them up to thrive. By following one of our courses, you will learn everything you need to know about becoming a parent, including:

Courses are online and designed to fit around you – follow in your own time, wherever you are! 

Baby brain development and the foundations of life: Margot's story | Highlights

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online antenatal courses

Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby

This course supports you to prepare to give birth, bond with your new baby and think about your emotional health.

Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby: for women couples

Tailored specifically for women couples, this course supports you to prepare to give birth, bond with your new baby and think about your emotional health.

Community languages

'Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby' is available in Modern Standard Arabic, Polish, Urdu, and Welsh. Additional translations are accessible via Google Translate.

For fathers

Dads, this is an antenatal course for you too. The online content, including a module just for dads, is designed to help expectant fathers to understand the pregnancy journey, childbirth, and newborn care, helping you provide the best possible support. By getting involved and understanding the early stages of development, we’ll help build your confidence so you can be there for your baby and your partner. Your relationship will be one of the most important to help your baby thrive, so the course has tailored sections for you, too! 


These online antenatal courses are designed to be accessible for everyone, and we know how important grandparents are in supporting parent and baby to thrive. Check in on the most recent information to prepare for a newborn and show support for your family! 

Support throughout your parenting journey

inourplace is here for you throughout your parenting journey. Tailored online courses and resources will help you when your baby is here and as they grow up. You can learn about childhood development, behaviour, communication and lots more, so to nurture a relationship with your child that builds confidence, resilience and emotional awareness.

We also have support for understanding your emotional health with courses designed to support your adult relationships and specialist information on trauma. 

Delivered by the Solihull Approach

The Solihull Approach, founded in the NHS and developed by clinical psychologists, child psychotherapists and health practitioners, is all about nurturing relationships and emotional wellbeing from pregnancy. The solid evidence base and combination of practical, theoretical and reflective learning ensures all our resources, courses, and training make a real difference in children’s outcomes and parental wellbeing.  

All about the Solihull Approach and our online courses for parents​

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