What’s it all about?

As you go through the course, you will build a clear understanding of why children behave in the ways they do and how you can maintain a happy, calm home.

You may be a mum, dad, step-parent, grandparent, auntie or other carer of a child: whatever your role, you will find this course will give you practical ways of thinking about the stages of your child’s development and how your relationships with your children can get even better.


The course builds on the idea that children and young people’s behaviour is connected to feelings. All feelings are relevant to understanding behaviour – including yours.

You may find you wish to skip bits of the course to find the sections that are relevant to you. However to get the most from the course we recommend working through all the Modules. This way you will pick up key ideas – a framework for thinking about what is happening in your family that you can use as your child or teenager grows.

 You will find examples for different age ranges throughout the course. Feel free to click on the ones that are relevant to you and ignore the ones that aren’t. 

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