Want to read our online courses for parents in your first language?

Some of our online courses are professionally translated and you can choose one if your language is there. If your language isn’t there, our latest addition uses the available technology around automatic translation.

For the foreseeable future we have added the Google translate widget to our online courses to offer people our courses in all the available languages.

Choose the English version of an online course and click on the Google translate box* and then choose your language.

*Please use an internet browser (the thing you use to access the internet) that supports the Google translation widget, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Ecosia or Firefox (unfortunately it doesn’t work with Internet Explorer).

We are sure that Google won’t mind us saying that it is not perfect, and certainly should never replace specific advice that you are getting from your local health professionals.

We do hope the translation is good enough so that you enjoy this course. Do let us know at the end of the course. Thank you!

(This is Google Translate, not a professional translation, so we take no responsibility for their errors!)