Why charge?

We do not charge to access the platform and you will find lots of free services in Ourplace.

However, we do charge for most online courses that you can take.  The amount to pay to access these courses are clearly labelled. You can, of course, choose not to pay for a course and you will still be able to use the free services on the platform.

We don’t keep your payment details. 

Although we are in the NHS developing Ourplace, we are a self-sustaining part of the service  i.e. we don’t divert public money away from frontline health services.

We don’t sell advertising space nor do we sell your data.

Any money that you pay us goes towards developing more resources, researching their effectiveness and into improving Ourplace for you. 

How to save money?

It may be possible for your employer to pay on your behalf to access paid-for materials and services from us. Talk to your employer and ask them to contact us.