Online Course for Parents

Understanding your child!

Online course for parents of children aged 6 months to 18 years. The first online course for parents to be awarded the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark. Available in English, Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Bulgarian, Welsh and Polish. Developed by the Solihull Approach team; health professionals working together with parents and practitioners.

Our enjoyable online course is for curious parents, for Dads who want to be the best Dads they can be, for Mums who want to be the best Mums they can be.
Over 90% of parents think that a parenting course would be useful.

  • The course can be done at a time and place to suit your family life
  • It is 11 modules long and each module takes about 20 minutes
  • Choice of listening or not to audio for the main text
  • There are interactive activities, quizzes, video clips and practical handouts
  • Works on Pcs, Macs, ipads, laptops, mobiles and tablets
  • Costs just £39

What parents have said: ‘Really enjoyed this course’ ‘I’ve found it very helpful and interesting’ ‘Best £39 I have ever spent’….yes, they really did say that!

The modules cover:

  • How your child develops
  • Understanding how your child is feeling
  • Tuning into what your child needs
  • Responding to how your child is feeling
  • Different styles of parenting
  • Having fun together
  • The rhythm of interaction
  • Why is sleep important?
  • Self-regulation and anger
  • Communication and tuning in
  • Looking back and looking forwards

This course is best viewed with Google Chrome (link).