Meeting the virtual parents

This group of virtual parents are featured throughout the course. You will be able to click on them to find out how they have responded to the questions that you will be asked to think about.

Click on each of the parents to read a bit about them and their families.

Helen, Grace and Sophie

I’m Helen and these are my daughters; Sophia, who’s 4 and Grace who’s almost 10 months. I love being a mum and I’m not doing this course because I think I need help. A friend recommended it and I’m open to learning as much as I can about things like child development. I guess I’m hoping to confirm and improve my understanding of why the girls behave in certain ways at times.

Billy & Rio

I’m Billy and this is my stepson Rio. He’s 12 and recently started senior school so me and his mum would like to know that we’re doing the right things to help him deal with this big change in his life. I think understanding his behaviour more can only be a good thing.

Anwaar, Samir and Nadira

My name’s Anwaar and I have two teenagers; Samir is 16 and Nadira is 15. These two challenge me in different ways than when they were little children. I suppose I’d like to learn how to deal with confrontation and setting boundaries.

Carla, Graham and their son Harry

I’m Carla, this is my husband Graham and this is our son Harry – who just turned 2. I’d like to have another baby soon and Harry is a bit of a livewire.


I’m Carla’s husband Graham and we’re looking for some tips on how to enjoy ourselves when we’re out and about rather than feeling like we’re disciplining him all the time.


My name’s Lee and I’ve got two boys, Kai who’s 8 and Tyler who’s 7. I don’t live with my sons but I spend a lot of time with them. Sometimes I have trouble saying ‘no’ and I’d like to learn to negotiate with them rather than rowing over small things.

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