Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the course within a set time?
No. Now that you have accessed the course, you have as long as you need to complete it and then it will be there to go back to at any time. We recommend taking a few days in between Modules to allow you to process and practice what you have learnt.
What do I do once my coupon code has been accepted?
Once your coupon code has been accepted, click on ‘Sign up’. You will be redirected to the ‘Registration Complete’ page, then in the box click ‘Take Course’.
Can I log in on more than one device?
Yes. Go ahead and log in using your computer, phone, or tablet. Any updated progress is added to your account simultaneously.
Why was my card declined?
When you make the purchase, please make sure you enter your 16 digit card number as shown on your card, including the space between every four numbers.
Why does a white box show up whenever I log in?
We advise you to use Google Chrome as it is easy, reliable and works best with our site. You can download the latest version of Chrome with the following link
If you are working in a corporate environment, make sure the server has not been blocked.
I am in a Solihull Approach Antenatal Group, but my partner cannot get to the sessions. Does the online course have the same content?
Yes, it does. We adapt our courses so that everyone around you has access to the same information.
I want to buy the online antenatal course as a baby shower gift for my son/daughter. Can I do that so that they receive it as a gift to their email address?
Yes, you can do that now. Just click on the buy as a gift option.
I am doing the online course. Do I get a certificate?
Yes, you do. Once you have completed a course, you can find a link to your certificate on the dashboard/course library page.
Why can’t I redeem my coupon code in the payment process?
Your voucher may no longer be valid or may not be valid in your area. Check with the person or organisation who supplied you with the code.
I’ve tried the suggestions above and it’s still not working, who can I contact?
Contact the Solihull Approach Team on:  09.00 – 17.00 hours Monday to Friday
I completed a session and it doesn’t show that I have
When a session has been completed you may need to hit refresh in order for the tick box to show you have completed it.
I completed all the sessions and I can’t access my certificate
When you’ve completed all the sessions you may need to hit refresh to be able to access your certificate.
I lost my password and login details
Visit, go to Sign In and hit “Forgot my password”. You will need to enter the email that you registered with.
How do I cancel my account?
Visit Need Help? and send a message to our administrator. Your account will then be cancelled.

If you have any issues which are not dealt with here contact the Solihull Approach office on: